Audio Armour Custom Music plugs

Exclusive to Audio Relief the Audio Armour Custom music plugs are flat attenuating protective earplugs ideal for music lovers. They are discreet, super comfortable and can be styled by you.

Available with a fixed filter with the following attenuations levels: 13Db, 15Db, 17Db, 18Db, and 19Db

Contact us for details about colours and effects that you can have your Custom Audio Armour made in ….. Camouflage, swirled colour mixes, luminous and more.

NB These are good but if you are a musician then the ER15s are the one for you!

Supplied with carry case, wax cleaning pick and otoferm crème. For further production & colour options regarding your ER order, see the available options below.

Product Specifications:

Product: Custom Audio Armour

Attenuation Level: 13Db, 15Db, 17Db, 18Db, and 19Db (flat attenuation)

Filter type: Fixed

Colour: Choice of colour & effect

Used By: Musicians, Clubbers, Gig Goers, Workers in Industry, Bar/Cub Staff

Approx product lifetime: 4/5 years

NB: Silicon Ear Impressions are required for all custom moulded products.

PRICE Includes the impression appointment with qualified staff at our Head Office or at one of our UK-wide impression locations.

More details on Silicon Ear Impressions.

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