Sound Masking Systems

The Nature Sound Masker offering Sound Enrichment Silence is often the worst enemy of a tinnitus sufferer making it difficult to sleep or relax during the day. The silence ensures you concentrate completely on your tinnitus noises or ringing, and the more you focus on it the worse it seems to get! The Nature masker […]

Tinnitus Sound Therapy

Audio Relief offers you a range of uniquely compiled sound sound therapy CD’s to help combat your tinnitus noise, our hearing test will allow you to identify the frequency of the noises YOU suffer from and our engineers can then match the sound therapy to that frequency. There are 2 types of tinnitus sound therapy CD; one for meditation during the […]

Industrial Ear Plugs

We have found a couple of industrial ear plugs available for sale in the UK. ProComm: Custom Made Professional Communication System Custom Made industrial ear plugs for workers Guaranteed Fit, Comfort and Stability Noise Cancelling Microphone High Quality and Durable Components Quick release radio connector leadThe ProComm provides the ideal solution for communications in extreme […]


TinniTool Proven Tinnitus Treatment 2005 Model A proven treatment in reducing the effects of tinnitus. Tinnitool has been proved to improve your quality of life, thousands of sufferers across Europe have successfully used the TinniTool treatment to alleviate tinnitus. Laser treatment, like that employed by the TinniTool, and Hospitals increases blood flow and enhances/ speeds […]

Campaign to Educate Club and Gig Goers

The new campaign is targeted mainly at club goers between 18 and 30. These flyers are being distributed all over London along with regular club promotional material. All of the flyers have special discount codes on them specially for our low end and high end ear protection as well as information about tinnitus. This campaign […]


Hearing protection: It’s important but I just can’t be arsed! (Sound similar to attitudes to another type of protection?) It seems that many of you have a lot of apathy towards taking action to protect your hearing. 68% think it’s essential, the rest of you think it’s sort of important. The worrying bit is 27% […]

Ear Plugs for Swimming for Adults & Kids

OUR RANGE OF SWIMMING PRODUCTS ARE CAREFULLY SELECTED TO PROVIDE COMFORTABLE PROTECTION WHILST SWIMMING. Adult size AOSafety Premium Swimming Plugs AOSafety swim plugs are soft rubber plugs with three rings for a secure fit and great seal inside the ear canal. Durable and long-lasting these plugs are easy to clean and come in two sizes […]

Swimming Ear Band

Designed by an Ear Nose and Throat doctor to help his young patients keep their silicone ear plugs in place while swimming and playing in water, these terrific neoprene headbands are ideal. The swimming ear band is an attractive, latex-free adjustable neoprene headband. Its purpose is to hold ear plugs or ear moulds in and […]

Ear plugs for Flying

Earplugs from Heartech that have been designed for flying aircraft passengers; to reduce noise, and to slowly balance cabin pressure changes that can cause pain and discomfort. Flitemate’s are also good for people that suffer pressure changes such as climbing a hill in a car, skiing and when high-speed trains pass in tunnels. These are […]