BlastBuster Shooter’s Ear Plugs

Features the Hock’s Noise Braker

BlastBusterâ„¢ Shooter’s Ear Plugs, represent the latest advance in hearing protection against impact noises. At an estimated NRR19 measured under constant noise conditions, the BlastBusterâ„¢ ear plugs let you easily and clearly hear normal speech while reducing the ambient noise you hear by about 75%. Under impact noise conditions, the Hocks Noise Braker device inside each BlastBusterâ„¢ ear plug effectively prevents harmful volume levels from reaching your eardrum, limiting the level of noise that passes through the filter to 80-85 dB. At very high noise levels, such as those encountered in shooting and many industrial settings, the result is that you get a noise reduction level that varies from almost no reduction when the noise level is low to the full noise reduction of a solid ear plug when the noise level is over 100 dB. Best of all, the noise reduction changes automatically as the volume changes, giving you the ability to hear when you need to and giving you protection when you need that.

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