Campaign to Educate Club and Gig Goers

The new campaign is targeted mainly at club goers between 18 and 30. These flyers are being distributed all over London along with regular club promotional material. All of the flyers have special discount codes on them specially for our low end and high end ear protection as well as information about tinnitus. This campaign is to be in support of National Tinnitus week which is coming up from the 19th to 25th February 2007. Audio Relief will be supporting the Tinnitus with other activities such as appearing at clubs and offering the opportunity for people to win top of the range earplugs from the likes of Radio 1 and Kerrang Radio.

Notes to editors

Audio Relief is the exclusive distributor of a number of products to protect hearing. It also offers a range that can help people manage tinnitus, a condition affecting the hearing that’s growing at an alarming rate.

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