Custom Made ACS ER Series Earplugs – The Musician’s Choice

The ER Custom Series are the custom earplugs of choice for musicians. They’re also perfect for anyone in a loud environment who needs to protect their hearing but still wants to hear everything that’s going on around them – and without any degradation of sound quality.

  • Available in three levels of attenuation (reduction) – 9dB15dB and 25dB, making them suitable for all situations including live performance, DJing, concerts, clubbing and many more. Check the spec sheet for filter response: ER Series spec sheet.
  • Custom moulded and made from super soft, medical grade silicone so extremely comfortable to wear over long periods of time and guarantee of a good fit.
  • Filters rather than blocks the sound. This effectively turns them into a volume control for the ear, reducing the sound to a safer level whilst still giving excellent, true sound quality.
  • Fitted with easily interchangeable filters. Buy a spare set of filters and have the correct level of protection for every situation.
  • Have a lifespan of at least four to five years if looked after correctly. That’s a daily cost of only £0.07. The daily cost of foam earplugs is around £0.11!
  • Available in a wide range of colours and styles – check the dropdown menu below for the full list.
  • Gel mould available – we can make a copy of ear impressions and keep them on file for four years in case you need another pair making or want another custom product made. It also means if you need a remake or another product, you won’t need to attend another impression appointment.
  • Actually improve communication in loud environments due to filtering of sound.
  • Made and returned to you in no more than four weeks from when your ear impressions reach the lab.
  • Exactly moulded to your ears and so requires an ear impression to be taken. This is included in the cost and we will arrange it for you, you just need to attend. For more information on the impression process, please look here: 
  • We have audiologists all over the UK who you can visit for your appointment. Please see our map for their locations.
  • Package includes one pair of earplugs, one set of filters, carry case, Otoferm comfort cream, wax pick and usage instructions.

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