Custom Made Elacin ER Series Earplugs – The Musician’s Choice

The Musician’s earplug of choice, the perfect fit affords comfort and ensures the most effective protection, with a range of interchangeable filters (9dB, 15dB, 25dB) for flexibility they sit discreetly, flush to the ear. However, should you want to put your own spin on them, they are available in a choice of colours and effects; clear with purple glitter? Solid Black?

The Musician’s Choice, styled by you, hand crafted by us

Protecting your hearing, as well as the need for communication, is essential in any loud environment. By incorporating a unique flat attenuating filter the ER custom moulded plug is tuned to provide a predefined reduction in ambient noise by 9, 15 or 25dB(A), whilst maintaining the clarity.

Offering the very best in personal and professional Hearing protection the ER series were developed for musicians who need to protect their hearing, but not destroy the fidelity of their music, this product is being successfully used by many of the top bands, DJ’s and clubbers. The ER9 and ER15 are the hearing protectors of choice for many classical performers. The ER15 is also used successfully in many work environments.

In the workplace, when noise reaches a certain level, it’s the law to wear hearing protectors. Outside of work its down to you.

Manufactured from soft durable silicon; comfort, protection and the ability to hear without distortion make the Elacin ER range the ultimate in hearing protection. The concept of any custom made item is its individuality and uniqueness to its user. The ER9/15/25 range is no exception and user acceptance is very high

Supplied with carry case, wax cleaning pick and otoferm crème. For further production & colour options regarding your ER order, see the available options below.

With correct care & storage this product will last you 4 to 5 years.

NB: Silicon Ear Impressions are required for all custom moulded products.

PRICE Includes the impression appointment with qualified staff at our Head Office or at one of our UK-wide impression locations. More details on Silicon Ear Impressions.

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