Custom moulded Sleeves for in-ear headphones

Already got a good set of earphones? Get customised tips so you can listen in more comfort and at safer listening volumes. An earphone sits inside the ear not over the top of it, meaning less ambient noise and a close sound source. You can still enjoy your music without turning up the volume.

These custom sleeves are soft, durable silicone custom sleeves for all audio listening devices including Shure, Sony and iPod. Simply fit over your existing headphones!

We can currently make custom sleeves for the following models (if yours is not here please call us or drop us an email to discuss your requirements – we can manufacture for any headphone if we know which one!)

Sony Walkman
Shure E1,E2,E3,E4,E5,E500
Etymotic Research ER4, Ety-com, ER6

WARNING: Exposure to loud noise has been proven to cause irreversible hearing damage! Listening to your I-Pod, walkman or personal stereo at excessive volumes or for prolonged periods can damage your hearing.

Due to outside noise interference we are often forced to turn the volume up to hear our music.

The custom seal achieved reduces the outside noise allowing for a safer, lower listening volume from the source whilst at the same time providing comfortable wearing for long periods of time.

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