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On April 6th this 2008 the allowable decibels were further reduced – make sure you know the rules. For legal definitions check out the UK Government’s Health and Safety website. www.hse.gov.uk/noise

Looking after your hearing is something we all need to do better; noise pollution is increasing all the time. We over expose ourselves in many elements of our life. In reality it is impossible (and unhealthy) to avoid activities because of the effect of loud noises. Why should we? People love their favourite band playing live, the buzz of listening to fast cars, loud music, your favourite movie and more. Life is about balance in every way. However look after your ears – you will only ever get two of them!

If you are employed in a noisy environment where the sound output is 85dB(A) your employer is legally obliged to offer you hearing protection in the form of earplugs or ear defenders. If the noise output is 90 dB(A)or higher it is compulsory for your employer to not only offer you effective hearing protection but to ensure that it is worn.

If you are going into a noisy environment in your own time such as a pub, club or sporting venue where currently the law doesn’t legislate, it’s up to you to protect yourself.

If you’re a clubber there are things you can do:

  1. Don’t stand near to loudspeakers.
  2. Give your ears regular breaks away from the source of the music.
  3. Wear hearing protection the whole time you are in the club.
  4. Limit your visits to club venues.

If you’re a musician in a band playing regularly you should protect your hearing, bear in mind that hearing damage is a consequence of time as well as volume so you should wear hearing protection even during rehersals when you might not think you need it.

When should I wear ear plugs?
If you are exposed to excessively noisy environments (80 dB or more), you should wear hearing protectors. You should also wear them when you are using power tools, noisy yard equipment, or firearms. The table below shows how easy it is to exceed maximum exposure levels.

Level of noise in dB(A) Maximum daily exposure time
85 8 hours
91 2 hours
97 30 minutes
103 7 minutes

Being exposed to noise can also cause fatigue and irritability
Some noise level examples (estimates)

Noise level Unprotected Protected
60dB Speech Unlimited Unlimited
70dB Office Unlimited Unlimited
85dB Busy traffic 8 hours Unlimited
91dB Pub 2 hours 64 hours
100dB Factory 15 minutes 8 hours
106dB Nightclub 4 minutes 2 hours
115dB Jackhammer 30 seconds 15 minutes
140dB Gunshot None 1.5 minutes


Custom Moulded Ear Filters


Manufactured from soft durable silicon; comfort, protection and the ability to hear without distortion make the Elacin ER range the ultimate in hearing protection. The concept of any custom made item is its individuality and uniqueness to its user. The ER9/15/25 range is no exception and user acceptance is very high.

ER20 Elacin standard fit Audio Armour


The ER-20 was developed for musicians so they could safely protect their hearing without compromising their performance. Now you can enjoy these benefits too – whether you’re clubbing, mowing the lawn, using power tools or just want to shut out noisy neighbors, ER20’s will help you avoid the irreversible long term effects of hearing loss.

Unique Hearing protection for all occasions.

Audio Relief offers a range of specialist earplug / ear-defender solutions:

The iPod generation: protection is here


We’ve pretty much all got an MP3 player now and most of us frequently listen at a higher than recommended volume to combat outside noises – the tube, the train, the traffic.

Audio relief sell a range of Ear phones that offer a superior listening experience and allow you to listen at a lower and safer volume. By using custom moulded or adaptable moulds you take the sound closer to the ear drum and create a seal from the outside.