Ear plugs for Flying

Earplugs from Heartech that have been designed for flying aircraft passengers; to reduce noise, and to slowly balance cabin pressure changes that can cause pain and discomfort. Flitemate’s are also good for people that suffer pressure changes such as climbing a hill in a car, skiing and when high-speed trains pass in tunnels.

These are outstanding ear plugs for flying and the profiled design makes them very comfortable for long-haul flights and periods of long use. Flitemates are washable and reusable. These ear plugs are not designed to serve as Personal Protection Equipment. They are tested to ASNI standard S3. 19-1997 and give an attenuation rate of 22dB Can be used during take-off, mid-flight and landing to help reduce pressure on the ears. Insert in your ears 5 minutes before you change altitude for the best effect.

  • Heartech FliteMate pressure reducing earplugs
  • Cords for custom moulded earplugs
  • Custom Made Elacin ER Series Earplugs

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