Elacin ER20 Protective Re-usable Audio Armour Earplugs

ER20’s protect your ears by filtering out damaging high and low frequencies and improve your ability to hear music and converstions clearly in noisy environments.

They are suitable for adults and children.*

Conventional earplugs block the sound (simulating hearing loss), ER20’s are different! They are re-usable hearing protectors that protect the ear against excessive ambient noise. Due to the special filter, the fidelity of the original sound remains and the speech intelligibility is hardly affected.

The ER20 was developed for musicians so they could safely protect their hearing without compromising their performance.

Now you can enjoy these benefits too – whether you’re clubbing, shooting, mowing the lawn, using power tools or just want to shut out noisy neighbours, ER20’s will help you avoid the irreversible long term effects of hearing loss.

In the workplace, when noise reaches a certain level, it’s the law to wear hearing protectors. Outside of work its down to you.

AR Recommends: ER20’s are great, however if you are exposed to loud noise for prolonged periods, either through hobbies or work we recommend custom fitted ER15’s which can be found here:

View custom range

The ELACIN ER 20’s ®is delivered including packaging, attachment chain and instructions.

The Elacin ER20’s conform to EN352-2, the European standard for PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) relating to hearing protection.

*obviously the normal precuations apply ie watch they don’t swallow them!

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