ER6i EarPhones with Custom Ear Moulds

Experience your music on an entirely new level with the ER6i EarPhones and tailor-made Custom Sleeves.

ER6i Custom EarPhones are manufactured individually for your ears giving unrivaled comfort, incredible noise isolation and delivering range and clarity that you won’t have heard before. You’ll be able to listen at comfortable levels, even in noisy environments such as busy city centres or aircraft cabins.

Because your ER6i EarPhones are tailor-made for your ears you’ll get a perfect fit every time. With no aching or fatigue from prolonged usage you may very well forget that you are even wearing them, allowing these tiny earphones to produce room-filling sound that will astound you.

Getting your ER6i Custom EarPhones tailored couldn’t be easier. This pack includes a set of ER6i EarPhones along with a customisation voucher which can be redeemed at a number of audiologists around the country. Use the online guide to find your nearest audiologist and go and get yourself fitted. Your easy-to-fit custom earmoulds will be sent directly to you within 14 days and in the meantime you can use your EarPhones with the supplied generic flanged or foam eartips. The EarPhones are available in both black and white and the sleeves can be made in various colours.

Product Contents: ER6i EarPhones and Custom Sleeves Voucher, carry case, spare tips, filters and filter changing tool

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