Timeline for Custom moulded products – Impressions and manufacture of custom moulded products:

1. Order custom moulded product →
2. Visit doctor to have ears checked for wax and infections →
3. Once given all clear, let us know and we will book your appointment →
4. Attend booked impression appointment →
5. Wait for final product to be sent to you.

Q: How does the impression booking process work?

A: Once you have placed an order for your custom product, we will contact you about having your ears checked by your doctor (see below). Once this is completed we will book you an appointment at the most convenient location and time for you.

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Q: What do I ask the doctor for once I have ordered my custom product?

A: Once you have ordered your custom product, you need to visit your doctor or practice nurse to check for excessive wax and ear infections. Please tell them that you are being fitted for a custom moulded earplug and that you need to be clear of any excessive or compacted wax up to the second bend of your ear canal and also any ear infections.I am being fitted for a custom moulded earplug.

Please ask you doctor
Please check my ears for any excessive or compacted wax and also ear infections as these can stop the impression being taken. Please make sure I am clear up to and past the second bend as the impression will go this deep.

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Q: How is an impression taken?

A: Having an impression made is a quick and painless process. The audiologist will first examine your ears to check that they are clear of wax and infections. A foam block is then placed in your ears to protect the eardrum. A soft two-part silicon impression material is then squeezed into the ears and left there for around five to eight minutes until it has set. The impressions are then gently removed, sent to us by the audiologist and your custom product will be made from these. The process is totally painless and safe and takes between 15 and 30 minutes, depending if any additional consultancy is needed.

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Q: What happens with the impressions?

A: Once the audiologist has taken the impressions they then send them to us (at certain practices, you will need to forward them to us to the address provided) where we will forward them on to the lab to be manufactured. You will then be sent your final product once they have been manufactured.

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Q: How long does it take to make a custom moulded product?

A: Manufacturing time on custom moulded products is between four and six weeks from when your ear impression reaches the manufacturer (not when you order). The reason for this lead-time is that each pair of earplugs is bespoke and has to be handmade individually and also tested.

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Q: I’m buying a custom moulded product. What is a gel mould?

A: A gel mould is a copy of your ear impressions that is kept on file for four years. If you lose your custom product or wish to have another one made, it can be made from this gel mould without you having to visit your doctor or have another impression made again. This therefore acts as a type of insurance policy and also as a convenience factor, saving time and any difficulties of having to see your doctor or impression taker again.

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Q: Can I have a home visit for my impression?

A: This can be arranged but will depend on the availability of your local audiologist. The charge will also depend on how busy they are and how far they will have to travel to see you. If you would like a home visit, please contact the office to discuss your needs.

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Q: I need ear impressions for my staff – can you arrange an onsite visit?

A: Yes we can. Please contact the office and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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Q: I want to buy a custom moulded product and I already have my own impressions. Can I use these?

A: Yes, that is fine. However, only impressions that have been taken in the last three months should be used, as the material tends to degrade over time. Please send the impressions to our office.

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Fitting problems with custom products:

Q: What should I do if I have a fitting issue with a custom product?

A: Most fitting problems with custom products can be dealt with free of charge but MUST be done so within the first month of receiving the product (not placing the order). This rule is stipulated by the manufacturer and is due to the constantly changing shape of the ear canal.

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Returns and refunds on custom products:

Q: On what basis can a custom product be returned?

A: All custom moulded products have a one year warranty on them which guarantees them against defective manufacture, component failure and/or materials for one year from the date of posting. The manufacturer will repair/remake under this policy, as necessary except in cases of damage due to abuse, cable damage, blockage due to wax or debris in eapieces and also attempts to rectify problems by unauthorised persons.

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Q: What is the refund policy on custom products?

A: Due to the customisation of products, returns for refund are not usually given. However, we want you to be completely happy with our products and any request to refund will be indivually assessed. Any decision to refund will be subject to a 25% handling charge, stipulated by the manufacturer.

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Missing packages:

Q: What should I do if my package doesn’t arrive?

A: For orders within the UK, we post our items with Royal Mail by First Class. Our daily order cut-off point is 3pm so they should arrive the day after you order (if you order before 3pm).

According to Royal Mail’s terms and conditions, a package is only lost if it has not arrived after 15 working days from the date of posting. We are unable to post replacement items before the 15 days have passed – we will need to wait until the 15 days have passed before we can send you a replacement. If you are unable to wait, we can send a replacement but will need to take a pre-authorised payment of your credit or debit card, which can then be cancelled when either the 15 working days has passed or one of the packages is returned to us.

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Shipping information:

Q: What are your standard shipping prices?

Orders below £15 = £1.95 postage and packaging

Orders over £15 and below £50 = free postage and packing

Orders over £50 = free Signed for Delivery (requires a signature)

Orders over £100 = free Next Day Special Delivery

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Q: Do you deliver overseas?

A: We are able to post to most destinations worldwide. If you think we are unlikely to be able to post to your country, please contact the office.

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Q: What are your overseas shipping rates?

A: This will depend on the weight, value and destination of the items. We can send via Royal Mail or with other courier services if this is better for your location. The cost will be calculated and then you will be advised of your options and asked to pick the most suitable for you.

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Product Queries:

The Tinnitool and the Rent to Buy scheme:

Q: I want to buy the Tinnitool and I’m interested in the Rent to Buy scheme. How does it work?

A: The ’rent to buy’ scheme gives you the option to test out the Tinnitool for three months before you buy it outright. You pay the full price up front, but if you decide it has not improved your condition in the three months you have had it, you can return it to us and receive £100 back of the original price you paid. To be eligible for the part refund, the Tinnitool must be returned fully boxed with all instruction manuals and in full working order within three months of your initial purchase. Terms and conditions apply.

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Q: I have a question about the use and safety of the Tinnitool.

A: The Tinnitool has no potentially damaging side effects and it has been proven by the manufacturer that you can use it safely for as long as is needed. For any performance queries or other questions please check www.tinnitool.com for more information and studies on the product.Click here to go to the TinniTool page on AudioRelief

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Custom Sleeves:

Q: I want to buy some custom sleeves for my headphones but i’m not sure if you do them for my headphones?

A: When ordering a custom sleeves, please mention the product and its model name or number in the comments box of your order.

We can make a custom sleeves for almost any kind of earpiece. For the more common headphones, we often already have a jig made up for them and so can have them made without needing your headphones. If we have not made a sleeve for your headphone or earpiece before, you can send them to us and we will forward them to our manufacutrer who can then make a mould using them. All headphones or earpieces should be sent by Recorded post to help avoid loss.

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Tinittus Management Devices (TMD):

Q: What do the different numbers after TMD mean?

A: The numbers after TMD refer to the maximum volume they reach. The louder your tinnitus, the higher value number you should pick.

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Custom moulded musicians earplugs:

Q: What are the main differences between the ER range and the Audio Armour?

A: The ER range of earplugs filter can be removed and interchanged by the owner but cannot with the Audio Armour. The filter on the ER earplugs is also of an even higher quality that that of the Audio Armour and gives the flattest attenuation and frequency response of any earplug currently on the market.

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Q: What does attenuation mean?

A: Attenuation simply means to decrease and in this situation means a decrease of the volume that reaches your ear.

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Q: Is it easy to change the filters on the ER earplugs?

A: Yes, you simply need to pop the existing filter out with your thumb and forefinger and then push the replacement filter in its place.

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Q: Which filter is suitable for me?

A: The choice is down to personal preference but as a rough guide, we would normally recommend a 9dB filter for vocalists and anyone playing an un-amplified instrument. We would then recommended a 15dB filter for other musicians and a 25dB filter for drummers and regular gig/club goers.

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Sleepfit earplugs:

Q: Will the Sleepfit earplugs block all noise when I sleep?

A: Unfortunately no earplug can block all sound. This is because sound is not only transmitted through the ear canal but also small bones within the ear and also the skull itself. However it does provide between 26-28dB of noise reduction, almost the maximum any earplug can provide.

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Q: What are the benefits of the Sleepfit over disposable earplugs?

A: The Sleepfit provides between 26-28dB of noise reduction, almost the most any earplug can provide and should therefore help to block out most unwanted noise when sleeping. It is also custom moulded to your ear and is therefore extremely comfortable when worn over long periods of time. It also has a recessed outer profile, which can allow you to sleep comfortably, even on your side whilst wearing the earplugs.

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Silent Ears earplugs:

Q: Which size Silent Ears should I buy?

A: The sizing of the Silent Ears is only a rough guide as they are in effect a one size fits all earplug. You should first consider the size of your ears whilst choosing and if still unsure, should work on the basis of your overall size i.e. if you consider yourself to be quite small, go for the small size, if you consider yourself to be of average size, pick the medium and so on.

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Q: Will the Silent Ears earplugs block all noise when worn?

A: Unfortunately no earplug can block all sound. This is because sound is not only transmitted through the ear canal but also small bones within the ear and also the skull itself. However, they provide up to 32dB of noise reduction and are the highest rated reusable earplug currently made.

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Alpine Music Safe Earplugs:

Q: How do you change the filters on these earplugs?

A: You simply pull the existing filter out using a twisting motion and then replace it with the alternative you wish to use.

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Personalised Sound Therapy CDs:

Q: What is on the CDs?

A: The CDs contain soothing music and has white noise hidden within this around the frequency you specified your tinnitus to be at. This means you can listen to relaxing music to take your mind off of the symptoms, whilst the white noise gives additional help to mask your tinnitus.

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EarBandit headbands:

Q: Which size EarBandit should I pick?

A: There is a size chart on the product page, which can give you a rough guide. If the user is on the cusp of two sizes, we would probably recommend going for the smaller size as the bands are well elasticated.

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Q: Custom Product Voucher – Terms and Conditions

A: The voucher entitles the customer to exactly the product that was bought at the time of sale. If the customer then wishes to add extras for example colour on products or a gel mould, these must be paid for with a further payment.

The voucher acts as a gift receipt for the purchased product in that it can be presented to the customer before the final product has been manufactured.

Lead time on the manufacture of Elacin custom products is four to six weeks from when the customer’s ear impressions reach the manufacturing lab and two weeks for CENS shooting products. This lead time does not commence from when the voucher is received.
All customers must have their ears checked by their doctor prior to having an impression appointment arranged.

Audio Relief are responsible for the booking of customer’s impression appointments.
Audiologists are always very busy and get booked up in advance so the customer should be flexible with dates and times that they are available for impression appointments. Audio Relief cannot take responsibility for delays in booking appointments if customers cannot provide a selection of dates and times that they can be available for these appointments.

There is no time limit for when the voucher must be redeemed.

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