Industrial Ear Plugs

We have found a couple of industrial ear plugs available for sale in the UK.

ProComm: Custom Made Professional Communication System

  • Custom Made industrial ear plugs for workers
  • Guaranteed Fit, Comfort and Stability
  • Noise Cancelling Microphone
  • High Quality and Durable Components
  • Quick release radio connector leadThe ProComm provides the ideal solution for communications in extreme conditions. A customised earpiece reduces ambient noise levels by approximately 26dB allowing clear reception and lower volumes. In addition the naturally fitting earpiece locks comfortably into the ear enabling it to be worn for long periods and eliminating the possibility of being dislodged.Highly durable Teflon cable links the earpiece to a top quality noise cancelling PTT microphone which reduces background noise and offers clear transmit close to hand.

    A quick release connector links the unit into the appropriate radio connector lead offering the ability to switch radio units as required.

Sordin BL cut-off

Level Dependent ear muffs which reproduce ambient sound whilst automatically filtering out harmful noise levels

Allows the wearer to hear warning sounds and other important information. Ideal for use in high impulse noise areas or where verbal communication is essential.

  • Sound level from the electronic circuits is limited to 82dB(A)
  • Analogue electronics gives good sound reproduction
  • Battery life of approx 300 hours (2xAA batteries)
  • 3 key pad function control for ease of operation
  • 3 step volume control
  • Good noise attenuation for protection from harmful noise
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Available as headband or safety helmet mounted versions

Besides, the following might be interesting for workers who want to buy industrial earplugs.

  • Hearing Test for UK industry workers
  • Cords for custom moulded earplugs
  • Elacin Biopact Custom Moulded Earplugs
  • Elacin Clearsound Protective Earplugs
  • ELACIN UniCom

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