Shooting Ear Defenders

Shooting is a passion for many, here our range of passive shooting ear defenders, earplugs & earmuffs for shooting provide the perfect solution to protect your hearing from loud noise levels.

Our range of active earplugs & earmuffs for shooting not only protect your hearing but can also enhance the ambient sound around you, giving an improved shooting experience.

Feel free to contact us today for advice, help and assistance you may require selecting the best shooting hearing protection for your needs.

CENS Digital 1- Custom Digital Protective Shooting earplugs

CENS Digital 2 – Custom Digital Protective Shooting Earplugs

CENS Digital Flex 1 – Soft Silicone Custom Digital Protection

CENS Digital Flex 2 – Soft Silicone Custom Digital Protection

Cords for custom moulded earplugs

Custom Sonic Valve Earplugs – Replacement Valve ONLY

Custom Sonic Valve Shooting earplug

Elacin Shoot Fit Custom Moulded Earplugs for Shooters

Hocks Noise Brakers

RoadRunner Audio BlastBuster (Features the Hock’s Noise Braker)

Sordin Supreme Pro X (Shooting) Earmuff


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