Audio Relief’s online shop payments are processed by Protx, the largest independent Payment Service Provider in the UK, owned by Sage. You can purchase a range of products to help protect your hearing from the long-term effects of tinnitus but if you are already a sufferer then we have a range of products to help manage your tinnitus and increase your quality of life. Check out the Tinnitool, a revolutionary home use laser treatment that has helped 1000’s of sufferers already, with 67% of them recommending its use.

Remember we offer free UK delivery on all of our products. We also offer a range of custom moulded products. For all you iPod or Walkman users who want uninterrupted music when travelling around check out our Headphone sleeves. There is even a product to stop your partners snoring keeping you awake at night. Cut yourself off from all external noises with our sleepfit product. In addition we have a range of high quality monitors/ headphones that are moulded exactly to your ear shape meaning no sound is lost and you don’t need to have them as loud. Good for your ears and fellow passengers!

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