SilentEar Reusable Ear Plugs

SilentEar (NRR 32) is the Highest Rated Reusable Ear Plug Currently Made Anywhere in the World…

If you have not tried SilentEar You haven’t tried the best! SilentEar ear plugs are our most popular selling reusable earplugs and for good reason.

This pack is a trial pack containing all 3 sizes. Please note no returns please.

SilentEar plugs fit well into the ear and block all frequencies, making these plugs the ideal choice for helmet wear, for sleeping, and for general noise protection. Most importantly, SilentEar is the most effective noise reduction plug made.

There really are none better, and they last for years making SilentEar one of the most economical plugs you can buy.

Our only warning is that you must get the right size, because just like all ear plugs, a great seal is critical to maximum performance. We suggest you start with the average size unless you already know you have especially large or small ear canals.

Silent Ear plugs are made of soft pre-molded silicone rubber filled with silicone gel for superior performance and comfort. Great choice for daily wear in demanding environments.

SilentEar plugs are our most popular plugs for motorcycling and other applications requiring helmet wear.

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