Silicon Ear Impressions

The process of taking Silicon Ear Impressions for custom moulded products.

When ordering custom moulded earplugs from Audio Relief please be aware that you will need to have a silicon impression taken of your ear by Audio Relief or one of our network of audiologists.

This impression provides the custom fit you are looking for and it is important it is taken correctly as this will determine the comfort of the moulds, the sound quality of the monitors and the ambient noise reduction of the earplugs.

Please note it is important you do not have excessive wax as this will stop a full impression being taken and may result in a wasted appointment. We advise you consult your GP or practise nurse regarding this.
When can you expect your Custom hearing protection?

Due to massive demand your custom hand crafted ear protection products take about 6 weeks to be sent out to you. We are doing everything we can to reduce this wait. Audio Relief and the thousands of users will testify they are well worth the wait!

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