Sound Masking Systems

The Nature Sound Masker offering Sound Enrichment

Silence is often the worst enemy of a tinnitus sufferer making it difficult to sleep or relax during the day. The silence ensures you concentrate completely on your tinnitus noises or ringing, and the more you focus on it the worse it seems to get! The Nature masker from Audio Relief allows you to manage this, allowing you to have a better quality of life.

The nature masker has a number of diverse sounds, sounds found in nature that provide a peaceful background noise that masks the tinnitus noise allowing you to relax and drift into a wonderful sleep.

The Nature Masker’s built in sounds include the following:

  • ocean waves
  • the murmuring of a brook
  • rain
  • forest sounds
  • birds chattering
  • heartbeats
  • Thunder storm

The Nature sound masking systems have a volume control and timer, making it ideal for helping you fall asleep as it will turn itself off at a set time.

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