Swimming Ear Band

Designed by an Ear Nose and Throat doctor to help his young patients keep their silicone ear plugs in place while swimming and playing in water, these terrific neoprene headbands are ideal.

The swimming ear band is an attractive, latex-free adjustable neoprene headband. Its purpose is to hold ear plugs or ear moulds in and keep water out of the ears when engaged in water activities. Ear Band-It’s unique design offers ultimate comfort and protection for the ears.

* Helps prevent swimmers ear.

* Recommended by physicians for swimmers with ear tubes or ear drum perforations.

* We recommend them especially for very young children because they can help prevent choking on plugs that accidentally fall out.

Available in three sizes:

Small – age 1 to 3, Optimum fit range = 16.5-18.5 Inches or 42-47 cm. Size of Band = 19″

Medium – ages 4 to 10, Optimum fit range = 18.5-20.5 Inches or 47-52 cm. Size of band = 20.5″

Large – ages 10 to adult, Optimum fit range = 20.5-23 Inches or 52-58Cm). Size of Band = 23.5″

Adjusts with a Velcro fastener. Please indicate the size required below.

Note: Neoprene headbands may need to be stretched by hand a bit in order to achieve a comfortable fit.

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