T2i Custom-fit consumer earphones

In ear monitors (also known as headphones) provide excellent sound quality whilst also offering protection from outside noise. This allows you to listen to music clearly at lower levels. Used during live performances by professional Dj’s and bands, they are also highly effective when used for personal audio devices.

T2PRO musicians in-ear monitors.

These flagship monitors utilise twin transducer technology to deliver an incredibly detailed response that extends from below 20hz to 16 Khz. T2PRO is the result of continued development with live performance musicians and offers great strength and durability. Teflon sheathing covers the cables that enter the soft silicone earpieces to provide a reliable performance every time eliminating the need for separate cable connection.

Maximum isolation and a limited output make T2PRO the safest In-Ear-Monitors on the market.

T2Pro personal In-Ear-Monitors are custom moulded earphones utilising miniature balanced armature transducer technology to deliver the ultimate in sound quality. The tiny magnetic receivers offer high resistance to mechanical shock and deliver smooth responses with very low distortion levels.

For connection to In-Ear-Monitor equipment, MP3, HiFi and most communication systems, T2Pro monitors reduce the ambient sound environment by approximately 26 dB. This reduction in the outside noise allows for a safer, lower listening volume from the source whilst at the same time delivering a superbly detailed sound reproduction. – Specifications

~ Driver housing

Driver housing is custom-molded and double-bored with special soft silicone full shell. Twin transducer driver with passive crossover.

~ Frequency Response: 20-16,000 Hz
~ Impedance: 27 ohms nominal
~ Sensitivity: 109dB for 1 mW
~ Weight: 1 ounce
~ Custom Cable Length in either Teflon Braided or Teflon Break away.
~ Choice of mini or full jack
~ Choice of colour ~ Inline volume control can be added if required

– Accessories

The contents of the package include: monitors, a waterproof “pelican” case, a double-tipped wax pick, 1/8″ to 1/4″ adaptor and instruction manual.

~ Limited 1 Year Warranty

Audio Relief will repair malfunctioning products that are a result of manufacturing defects, at no extra charge, for 1 year after the date of purchase.

When ordering custom moulded monitors from Audio Relief please be aware that you will need to have a silicon impression taken of your ear by Audio Relief or one of our network of audiologists.

This impression provides the custom fit you are looking for and it is important it is taken correctly as this will determine the comfort of the moulds, the sound quality of the monitors and the ambient noise reduction of the earplugs.

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