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Tinnitus Relief & Prevention


Looking after your hearing is something we all need to do better, noise pollution is increasing all the time. We over expose ourselves in many elements of our life. In reality it is impossible (and unhealthy) to avoid activities because of the effect of loud noises. Why should we? People love their favourite band playing live, the buzz of listening to fast cars, loud music, your favourite movie and more.

Life is about balance in every way. However look after your ears – you will only ever get two of them! Tinnitus can be managed, your quality of life can get better but the very first step is to START LOOKING AFTER YOUR EARS. All other treatments stem from and are supported by this principle. Read more about hearing protection

If you have moderate to severe tinnitus then you need to adapt your lifestyle in order to provide the basis upon which you can manage your symptoms. If dealt with early enough there is a wealth of evidence to suggest this can be repaired, at the very least it will no longer impact your life in the same way.

We have a huge range of custom ear plugs as well as standard single use and multi use earplugs available to buy in our audiorelief shop. The range is ever expanding as is our team! If you want any help or you want a detailed hearing test, give us a call.

Stress and an unhealthy lifestyle can bring on tinnitus symptoms or make them worse. Try and remain positive – help is at hand.


  • Stand by the speakers when you go to a club
  • Have your audio equipment set to such a high volume
  • Get more stressed about the symptoms or focus on them too much – the mind is a powerful thing
  • arry on over-exposing your ears during treatment


  • Try and relax – reduce your stress factors, take time out of your day to meditate. Try a 2 minute breathing exercise (below)
  • Protect your ears – use earplugs if you are exposed to higher than normal sound levels eg work, the tube, at clubs. Read more about hearing protection.
  • Ensure you have a balanced lifestyle


While undertaking daily soft laser treatment Audiorelief can help alleviate the symptoms and give you a better quality of life. Our basic frequency test allows you to establish at which frequency your ringing occurs, you can then compile a matched form of sound therapy that will help mask the noises.


two-minute breathing exercise

Find 2 minutes – just 2 minutes, 3 times a day to practice this exercise.

Sit in a comfortable chair, preferably with a high back so that head and neck are supported. Or you can lie down if you prefer.

Now tell your muscles to relax, to let go and become soft. Mentally run through the body from head to foot. If you find any tension in the muscles, try to relax, and then continue to check the next area of the body. Pay particular attention to the head, neck and shoulders, as these are areas where many of us hold our tension and stress.

Spend no more than 2 minutes doing this exercise, then carry on with your day. If you don’t feel any great sense of relaxation, don’t worry. Relaxation is a skill that has to be practiced. Over time you will become more aware of your stress as it builds up in your body and be able to release it more easily.

The key is to practice regularly. For that reason you should spend no more than 2 minutes doing this exercise, then carry on with your day.