Tinnitus Sound Therapy

Audio Relief offers you a range of uniquely compiled sound sound therapy CD’s to help combat your tinnitus noise, our hearing test will allow you to identify the frequency of the noises YOU suffer from and our engineers can then match the sound therapy to that frequency.

tinnitus sound therapy cdThere are 2 types of tinnitus sound therapy CD; one for meditation during the day, the other to help you sleep at night. The sound therapy has proved to be particularly effective when used in tandem with the soft laser treatment. The Audio Relief sound therapy available is the work of years of collaboration between sleep researchers, ENT specialists and musicians.

Sleep Sound Therapy CD

Approximately 50% of people with tinnitus report difficulty in sleeping, because they find their tinnitus keeps them awake. People are also sometimes under the false impression that their tinnitus wakes them up during the night. What’s more likely is that someone thinks their tinnitus has woken them because they hear it as soon as they wake up. Anyone worrying about his or her tinnitus during these awakenings will also stay awake longer.

Meditation Sound Therapy CD

Stress is something you need to reduce if you are to manage your tinnitus effectively. Using the Meditation Sound Therapy CD as part of the recommended Audio Relief treatment will mask the noises and stimulate relaxation, making it easier to live with the Tinnitus noises and have a better quality of life. As we have advised earlier it is essential that you manage your lifestyle and strive for balance and relaxation, this product will help you achieve this.

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