Tinnitus Symptoms

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The Stages of Tinnitus

– How often do you hear the noises?

1. Occurs for less than 1 minute, at least once a week

  • still the early stages
  • General causes for these symptons are often stress, muscle tension and a lack of sleep.

Advice: The most important thing to do in this situation is not to allow yourself to become more stressed about it. This may often lead to a worsening of the condition. Analyse your daily routine, try to reduce your stress factors and relax your muscle tension.
Possible treatments: Daily meditation is recommended.

2. Occurs for less than 1 hour, at least once a week

  • Acute tinnitus
  • Specific causes might be noise trauma (shots, loud music), a previous illness or abnormal blood pressure.Advice: This may be the last chance to treat tinnitus without costly surgery. At this point it is strongly advised you change your lifestyle. Aim for less stress, good sleeping patterns, more relaxation, drinking enough water, and generally living a balanced lifestyle.
    Possible treatments: A daily 30-minute sound therapy procedure therapy is highly recommended here. If immediate measures are taken, such as soft laser treatment, an acute tinnitus can be treated within three months time.
3. More than 1 hour, at least once a week

  • Subacute tinnitus
  • Many attempts at treatments have usually been undertaken, often with little success

Advice: At this stage holistic treatment is recommended, which should be carried out promptly. Once tinnitus become chronic, the chances of a cure are decreased.
Possible treatments: Soft laser treatment and meditation therapy should be carried out at the same time. If you are having trouble sleeping then the treatment should also be expanded to include sleep therapy.

4. Constant – you’ve already suffered for longer than a year

  • Chronic tinnitus
  • It is possible that you have already lost the zest for life and hope of recovery

Advice: The chance of 100% recovery is less at this stage, however, not impossible.
Possible treatments: There are still opportunities available for the reduction of the tinnitus noise, e.g. soft laser treatment. There are new, promising methods available, primarily for the improvement of the quality of life, such as meditation therapy, sleep therapy and nature sound masking.


Understanding Tinnitus more

Current medical opinion is that tinnitus is the result of complex workings of several body systems, together producing the symptoms we associate as experiencing tinnitus. An understanding of the Hearing pathway is useful in understanding how the ear works.

In short the hearing pathway employs a complex filtering system, allowing us to “tune-in” to sounds with meaning and filtering out all the millions of sounds that could bombard us. We all know that at a party our ears suddenly “tune-in” to conversations when our name is mentioned, the effect of tinnitus is worsened by this very mechanism. Once you become aware of the tinnitus, your filters “tune-in” more and as fustraton sets in it gets worse. The good news is the filters can be trained to ignore the signal, known as “habituation”.


What kind of noise do you hear?

  • Individualised forms of therapy are available to mask the specific sound that you hear. These therapies changes or ‘blocks’ the perception of the tinnitus noise.
  • When you know your frequency more specific sound therapy can be supplied for the masking of the tinnitus noise or more specifically, as a sleep aid.
– HEARING TEST – a test to establish thefrequency your tinnitus noise.


Famous sufferers of tinnitus

William Shatner

Van Gogh


Pete Townsend

Barbara Streisland

Steve Martin